2017 TFI Conference Slides, Videos, Photos & Bios

tfi-conf-logo-for-swiftpage-rt-column-squareBelow are links to the slides, videos, and bios for the 12th Annual TFI Communications Technology & Asset Valuation Conference
January 26-27, 2017, Austin Texas

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6:15–7:15 pm Pre-Conference Reception Meet & Greet — Gatehouse
Hosted by CostQuest 


8:30 am Introductions and Welcome / TFI Overview Slides

8:50 am The New Transformative Technologies Slides
Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D., Conference Director, President, TFI

9:10 am Communication Technology Update Slides
August Grant, Ph.D., Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communications,
University of South Carolina

9:45 am Break

10:00 am Virtual and Augmented Reality (Games, Shows, and Apps) A Short Film by TFI Slides

10:30 am New Broadband/Video Markets, Impacts, and Bandwidth Point/Counterpoint 
August Grant, Ph.D., Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Comm, University of SC
Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D., Conference Director, President, TFI

11:00 am Break

An Interview with Byron Reese, Publisher of Gigaom
Byron Reese, Author, Futurist, Entrepreneur, Technologist
CEO/Publisher, Gigaom; CEO, Knowingly
Carrie Vanston, Leader, Corporate Cultures that Rock (Interviewer)

12:15 pm Discussion and Q&A

12:30 pm Lunch Break

1:30 pm WIRELESS KEYNOTE: From Here to 5G Slides
Iain Gillott, President & Founder, iGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)

2:30 pm Discussion and Q&A

2:45 pm Break

3:00 pm Wireless Industry Panel
Gary Wiggins, Executive Director – Property Tax, AT&T Slides
Stephen Yergeau, Director, Property Taxes, T-Mobile Slides “Our 5G Future” video link
David Schneider, Manager, Ernst & Young Contractor for Sprint 
Jim Dombrowski, Manager Property Tax, Verizon Slides

4:00 pm Break

4:15 pm The Afterlife: Recycling and Reuse of Old IT & Communications Equipment Slides
Michael Harbert, Manager of Business Development, ECS

Computer Vision – Welcome Our Newest Consumer of Video and Bandwidth! Slides
Kristen Grauman, Ph.D., Assocociate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Texas at Austin

5:30 pm Day End

5:45–7:00 pm Conference Reception – Gatehouse


8:30 am TFI Broadband/Wireless/Video Forecast Update Slides
Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D., Conference Director, President, TFI
Ray Hodges, Senior Consultant, TFI

8:50 am The Post Millennials and their Impact on Communications Slides
Anne Boysen, President & Founder, After the Millennials

9:20 am Break

9:40 am IoT Security or Lack Thereof ― Constraint or Showstopper? Slides
Dub Dublin, CEO, Dublinvention LLC

9:55 am SDN/NFV: Tutorial, Insights, and Impacts Slides
Dub Dublin, CEO, Dublinvention LLC

10:35 am Discussion and Q&A

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Broadband Industry Panel & Communications Industry Current Affairs Discussion
– Jeff Binkley, Advisory Director, Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, Deloitte
Robert Strong, Tax Director, AT&T Slides
Steven Ingram, Manager, Property Tax, CenturyLink Slides “Power to Connect” video link
– Christian Altenburger, Manager, Property Tax, Comcast Slides
Joel Rubensohn, Senior Tax Manager, Cox Enterprises Slides
Jim Dombrowski, Manager, Property Tax, Verizon Slides

12:15 pm Concluding Remarks

12:25 pm Break

12:30 pm Box Lunch Presentation and Discussion Connections That Count Slides
Carrie Vanston, Lead, Corporate Cultures that Rock

1:20 pm Conference Ends