2015 TFI Conference

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Below are links to the slides, videos, and bios for the 10th Annual
TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference,
January 28-29, 2015, in Austin Texas

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SCHEDULE – January 27-29, 2015

PRE-CONFERENCE SEMINAR: Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Pre-Conference Reception – Sponsored by CostQuest

CONFERENCE DAY 1: Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 8:30 am – 5:45 pm

1—TFI Research: News and Overview [slides] [video]
      Lawrence Vanston, TFI

2— Keynote: The Internet of Things: Overview & Outlook [slides] [video]
      Dub Dublin, IoT Pioneer, Serial CTO and Entrepreneur


3— REITs and the Windstream Strategy Overview [slides] [video]
     Joan Engebretson, Telecompetitor

4— REITs, Connect America Fund, and Network Neutrality: Implications for Network Evolution and Valuation – Panel [slides] [video]
     Joan Engebretson, Telecompetitor (Moderator/Panelist)
     Jason Chao, Ernst & Young
     Ray Hodges and Lawrence Vanston, TFI
     Jim Stegeman, CostQuest Associates

5— 11:20 am – Transforming the Local Exchange Network [slides] [video]
      Lawrence Vanston, TFI

BBQ Lunch


6— Keynote: Small Cells and Het-Nets, The Wave of the Future [slides] [video]
      Iain Gillott, President and Founder, iGR

7— Urbanization and the Future of Communication NetworksPanel  [video]
      Charles Burkhardt and Ron Williams, CostQuest Associates [C.B. slides] [R.W. slides]
      Iain Gillott, President and Founder, iGR
      Ruben Miranda, Duff & Phelps [slides]

8— Wireless IndustryPanel [video]
      Gary Wiggins, AT&T [slides]
      David Schneider, Sprint [slides]
      Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [slides]
      Michael Mupo, Verizon [slides]

Conference Reception

CONFERENCE DAY 2: Thursday, January 29, 2015, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

9—Keynote: Future of Television and Video [slides] [video]
      August Grant, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communications,
      University of South Carolina; Co-Editor,
Communications Technology
      Update and Fundamentals, now in its 14th Edition

10—Forecasts of Online Video and Gigabit Access [slides] [video]
      Lawrence Vanston, TFI

11—Assessor Issues [video]
     Jerry Weinert, AUS [slides]
     Paul Tucker, Indepedent Assessor [slides]

12—Impacts on Cable HFC Networks [slides] [video]
     Lawrence Vanston, TFI

13—Trending for Cable Television Assets- Panel [slides] [video]
     Christian Altenburger, Comcast
     Jeff Binkley, Deloitte
     Carl Hoemke, Correlation Advisors
     Jim Stegeman, CostQuest Associates


14—TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides] [video]
      Ray Hodges, TFI

15Wireless Performance Trends [slides] [video]
      Ray Hodges and Lawrence Vanston, TFI

What’s Around the Corner?  
     Lawrence Vanston, TFI

— Closing Comments  
     Lawrence Vanston, TFI

Box Lunch and Discussion

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