2016 TFI Conference

TFI Conf logo 2015 sm borderBelow are links to the slides, videos, and bios for the 11th Annual TFI Communications Technology & Asset Valuation Conference, January 21-22, 2016, in Austin Texas

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SCHEDULE – January 21-22, 2016

Pre-Conference Reception – Sponsored by CostQuest – Wed, January 20, 6:45 – 7:15 pm

CONFERENCE DAY 1: Thursday, January 21, 2015, 8:30 am – 5:45 pm

1—TFI Research: News and Overview [Slides] [video]
Lawrence Vanston, TFI

Host: Carrie Vanston, VP, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc.

2—9:00 am     The Communications/Data Transformation that will Change ALL
Our Ideas about HealthCare
                   – David Smith, President, SocialCare [slides[video]

9:40 am       Break

3—9:50 am      KEYNOTE: “Big Picture Enablers Fueling the IoT Explosion”
Sujata Neidig, Americas Marketing Manager,
NXP Semiconductors (Freescale recently merged with NXP)  

4—10:30 am    Smart Cities and the IoT — Austin Looks Forward  [video]
Stephen Elkins, CIO, City of Austin [slides
Bert Haskell, CTO, Pecan Street, Inc. [slides]
Ruben Miranda, Director, Duff & Phelps (Moderator)

11:20 am     Break

5—11:30 am (this session was moved to later in the day)
Precision Agriculture and Petroleum: Opportunities for Rural and
Urban Communications Providers [slides]  [video]
 – Sam Harlan, P.E., VP Engineering Consulting, CHR Solutions

6—12:05 pm    Big Fast Data, Cognitive Computing, the Cloud, IoT, and Software
                   Defined Networks [slides]  [video]
Lawrence Vanston, President, TFI

12:40 pm    Lunch Break


7—1:30 pm      KEYNOTE: Millimeter Wave for 5G Cellular: Finding a New
                   Spectrum Mother Load [slides]  [Video]
 Robert Heath, Professor of Electrical and Computer
                      Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

2:30 pm       Break

8—2:40 pm       Cars Communicating? Automotive Applications of 5G and
Millimeter Wave [slides]  [video]

Robert Heath
, Professor of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

9—3:10 pm       Wireless Industry Panel  [video]
Gary Wiggins
, Executive Director – Property Tax, AT&T [slides]
Stephen Yergeau
, Director, Property Taxes, T-Mobile [slides}
Mike Mupo
, Retired Director, Verizon [slides]
Ray Hodges
, Senior Consultant, TFI (Sprint) [slides]

10—3:55 pm       TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides]  [video]
 – Ray Hodges
, Senior Consultant, TFI
4:05 pm       Break

11—4:15 pm      Technology-Driven Valuation Issues for Data Centers and
                   Communications Networks [slides]  [video]
Mike Mupo
, Retired Director, Verizon
12—4:40 pm (this session was moved to Friday)    Measuring OTT Operations [slides]  [video]
Ruben Miranda
Director, Duff & Phelps
13—5:00 pm       Cruisin’ for Confusion: Reproduction vs. Replacement Cost [slides]  [video]
Charles Burkhart
, Senior Consultant, CostQuest (Moderator)
 – Carl Hoemke, Managing Director, Correlation Advisors
 – Jim Stegeman, President, CostQuest
Jerome Weinert
, Principal & Director, AUS Consultants

5:45 pm       Day Ends

5:45-7:15 pm  Reception

Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:30 am-12:30 pm + Box Lunch

Host: August Grant, Professor, School of Journalism and
Mass Communications, University of South Carolina 

14—8:30 am       Communications Technology Update 2016 [slides] [video]
August Grant
, Professor, School of Journalism and
Mass Communications, University of South Carolina

15—9:00 am       Video and Broadband Forecasts in the Gigabit Era [slides] [video]
Lawrence Vanston
, President, TFI

16—9:25 am       The Broadband Desktop circa 2018: The Big Screen Comes Back [slides] [video]– Dub Dublin, Dublinvention
9:50 am       Break

17—10:00 am     Keynote: What’s Down the Valley for Broadband and Video [slides] [video]
Sarah Lacy
, Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, PandoMedia

18—10:50 am     Transforming the Local Exchange and HFC Networks [slides] [video]
Lawrence Vanston
, President, TFI

11:15 am     Break

19—11:25 am     Impacts of Video and Broadband Developments on Landline
  Networks –– Panel [video]
Jeff Binkley
, Director, Deloitte (Moderator)
James Dombrowski, Manager – Property Taxes, Verizon
Carl Hoemke, Managing Director, Correlation Advisors
Steven Ingram, Property Manager, CenturyLink
Robert Strong, Tax Director, AT&T

12:25 pm     Closing Remarks

12:30 pm      Conference Ends
12:30 pm      Box Lunch and Discussion