2014 TFI Conference

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference-logoBelow are links to the slides, videos, and bios for the 9th Annual
TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference,
January 29-30, 2014, in Austin Texas,
sponsored by:
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See presenters or TFI about reproducing/sourcing materials.

CONFERENCE DAY 1: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
1—8:30 am – Introductions & Welcome
1— 8:40 am – TFI Research: News and Overview  [slides] [video]
Lawrence Vanston


2 — 9:00 am – Technology Changes in Data Centers [slides] [video]
      Mark MurrillDirector Marketing Enterprise and 400V DC, Emerson Network Power

— 9:50 am – Break

3— 10:05 am – Implications for Data Center Assets [slides[video]
      Kelli Batianis-DiPietro, Time Warner-Cable
      Alan Schultz, Paradigm Tax Group
      Pat LynchCBRE


4 — 10:45 am – Implications of Elk Hills Power [video]
      Jerome WeinertAUS Consultants (Moderator) [no slides]
      Peter MichaelsAttorney, Law Office of Peter Michaels [slides]
      Ruben Miranda, Duff & Phelps [slides]

— 11:20 am – Break

5 — 11:30 am – LTE, The Technology that Killed the Cat: Lessons from MetroPCS and Cricket [video]
     Joe Molina, Ryan (Chair) [no slides]
     Jason Butterworth & Jason Chao, Ernst & Young [slides]
     Allison Garton, Cricket Communications [no slides available]
     Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [no slides]


6 — 12:05 pm – Transforming the Local Exchange Network [slides[video]
      Lawrence Vanston, TFI

— 12:30 am – Lunch (provided by TFI)

7— 1:30 pm – Outlook for Shutting Down the Legacy Network [Slides[video]
      Charles BurkhardtCostQuest
      Bob McKnight, Cost Quest

8 — 2:00 pm – FTTX vs Legacy: CAPEX Is Now, but OPEX is Forever [slides[see above video at 21:52]
      Kermit RossNetwork Design Decisions Inc.

— 2:20 pm – Break WIRELESS

9 — 2:30 pm – 5G Cellular: How and Why It Will Differ from 4G” [slides[video]
      Dr. Jeffrey Andrews, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.

— 3:30 am – Break

10— 3:40 pm – Wireless Industry Panel [video]
      Gary Wiggins, AT&T [slides]
      Mike HeatonDuff & Phelps [slides]
      Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [no slides]
      Michael Mupo, Verizon [waiting for approval]

11— 4:20 pm – TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides[video]
      Ray HodgesTFI

— 4:35 pm – Break


12— 4:40 pm – Applying Forecasts and Cost Studies in Times of Big Change [video]
      Jim DombrowskiVerizon [slides]
      Lawrence VanstonTFI [slides]
      Don JacksonDuCharme, McMillen & Associates [slides]
      Ken Love, Assistant Attorney General, Tax Section, State of Arizona [slides]
      Robert DavisUtah Division of Public Utilities [slides]

— 5:30 pm – Day Ends — 6:00 pm – Lake View Reception (Onsite)  ‘

CONFERENCE DAY 2: Thursday, January 30, 2014


13— 8:30 am – GigaBit Broadband: Could It/Will It/Should It Change the World, and If So, How? [slides[video]
Dr. William LehrResearch Scientist, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14— 9:30 am – Rolling Out Gigabit: Status and Economics
Jim StegemanCostQuest Associates [slides[video]

— 10:00 am – Break

15— 10:15 am – TFI Forecast of Broadband Speeds [slides[video]
    Lawrence Vanston, TFI

16— 10:30 am – Impacts on Cable HFC Networks [slides[video]
     Robert Harris, TFI

17— 10:55 am – Google Fiber: Myths, Means and Motives – Panel [no slides] [video]
     Lawrence VanstonTFI (Chair)
     William LehrMassachusetts Institute of Technology
     Robert HarrisTFI
     Jim StegemanCostQuest Associates

— 11:30 am – Break


18— 11:45 am – Trending in Today’s Communications World [video]
     Christian Altenburger, Comcast (Chair)
    Carl Hoemke, ASA [slide]
   Jim Stegeman, CostQuest Associates [slides]
   Jeff Binkley, Deloitte [no slides]

19— 12:20 pm – Closing Remarks [video]
     Lawrence VanstonTFI

— 12:30 pm – Conference Ends

— 12:30 pm – Box Lunch and Discussion (box lunches provided by TFI)

— 1:20 pm – Lunch Ends  


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