Telecom Forecasts

From Transforming the Local Exchange Network, 6th Ed. (2013)

ILEC Access Line Losses (3 Largest)                       ILEC DSL Broadband Losses (3 Largest)TLEN 2013 Access LinesTLEN 2013 DSL Connections

ILEC Total Connections                                                 ILEC VHS Broadband Deployment (10 Mb/s+)TLEN 2013 Total Connections TLEN 2013 VHS Broadband Deployment

Transfer of Legacy Cable to VHS Broadband    Transfer of Legacy Switching to VHS BB
FTTP ILECs                                                                             FTTP ILECs
TLEN 2013 Transfer to VHS FTTP CableTLEN 2013 Transfer to VHS FTTP Switch

Transfer of Legacy Facilities to VHS Broadband
TLEN 2013 Transfer to VHS FTTN

Legacy Cable Surviving                                                  Legacy Switching Surviving
(Technology Substitution Only)                                (Technology Substitution Only)
TLEN 2013 Legacy SwitchingTLEN 2013 Legacy Cable

Older Versions:

ILEC Access Line Losses                                                ILEC VHS Broadband Deployment (10 Mb/s+)
Narrowband Access Lines 2011VHS Broadband Deployment 2011up

Conversion from Legacy Network Assets to VHS Broadband
FTTP = Fiber to the Premises                                         FTTN = Fiber to the Node
NB Access Lines Converted FTTP 2011 NB Access Lines Converted FTTN 2013

Substitution of Packet Switching for Circuit SwitchingCircuit Switching FTTP 2011 Circuit Switching FTTN 2011

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