Wireless Assets Summary

The wireless communications industry is highly dynamic . Key characteristics:

  • Rapidly increasing demand for data due to smart phones, ipads, etc., straining both radio technology and radio spectrum.
  • Large and continuous investment in new technology to keep up with demand.
  • Overlapping lifecycles of generations of wireless technology , the current generation being 4G and the next 4G Advanced.  Forecasts
  • Short asset lives due to rapid replacement by new technology offering greater capacity and more efficient use of scarce radio spectrum.
  • Functional and economic obsolescence due to increasing efficiency of new equipment and falling equipment prices
  • Competitive environment rewarding players that meet customers’ needs and punishing those who don’t.  Successful investment in technology  earns the right to do it again.

TFI does not publish industry-wide life recommendations or percent good tables for the wireless industry generally, but it does provide tables for individual wireless carriers based on the above factors as they relate to each carrier’s specific situation.

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