Data Center Expert to Speak at TFI January Conference

JPouchet_cropStill more great news! Jack Pouchet will highlight the data center part of TFI’s Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference in Austin, Jan 29-30, 2014. Jack is a Vice President, Business Development and Energy Initiatives, Hyperscale Solutions, Emerson Network Power. In that capacity he works with major server manufacturers, large data center users, and leading engineering firms. He is also Board Member and Vice-President, The Green Grid, an industry consortium to improve the resource efficiency of information technology and data centers throughout the world.

Energy efficiency in the servers, power supply, and physical plant is a huge determinant of costs, technology substitution, and obsolescence in data centers. Also, there’s a lot going on in the U.S. and globally, both near and long-term, with lots of moving parts (figuratively speaking). Thus, we were looking for a speaker familiar with the big, industry-wide picture and technologically savvy as well. We are indeed lucky to find a person who fits the bill so perfectly. I’m looking forward to Jack kicking off a really interesting discussion!

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