Videos from January 2014 Conference now Online!

After our “busy season” of producing custom studies and tax tables (and my personal agony converting from XP to Windows 8), I finally came up for air to take a look at the videos from the January conference. What a great conference it was! What well-spoken speakers! What great information! To see the videos (along with the slides and bios) just click on the link 2014 TFI Conference Slides, Videos & Bios (in the main menu of in case you’re not there already). The videos are arranged by panel and speaker. We have more work to do updating the site and integrating the conference material (and maybe making a highlight video), but I wanted to make this available without further delay. If anyone sees anything that needs changing or has any suggestions please let us know.

Let me also take another opportunity to thank our speakers, panelists and everyone who attended, not to mention our sponsors, AUS, CostQuest and Deloitte.


P.S. The 2015 conference dates will be January 28 and 29th (Weds & Thurs) at the Radisson Downtown Austin. The pre-conference seminar will be Tues, Jan 27th. You heard it here first!

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