Dr. Robert Heath of UT on-board for the TFI Technology Conference in January

Robert HeathWe are excited to announce that Dr. Robert Heath, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, is on-board for our 14th Annual TFI Technology Conference, Jan 24-25, 2019! He will lead the panel “Coloring in the 5G Triangle: Super High Bandwidth, Massive IoT, and Ultra High Reliability” with featured technology specialists in 5G delivery.

We are also lining up speakers on Fiber Deep, the broadband/video industry, public policy, and the tax/valuation implications of technology change. We plan to make more announcements soon!

The moderator of the 5G Triangle panel will be Iain Gillott of iGR, wireless expert extraordinaire, who will also introduce our 2019 main theme: 5G and its Business and Valuation Implications, where we take a deeper look into 5G technology and its impacts on broadband, cable, video, and other asset-intensive industries.

Professor Heath spoke to us in 2016 about millimeter wave technology and cars communicating. This year he will give a special presentation on his current research interests: “Connected Aerial Vehicles and Machine Learning for Communications”.

We hope you’ll join your colleagues in exciting downtown Austin for what promises to be another interesting and important event!

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