Just Two Weeks Before the TFI Technology Conference in Austin (Jan 24-25)

Only two more weeks until the 14th Annual TFI Technology Conference! There’s still time to register and join us Jan. 24-25 in Austin for the top technology conference on the latest trends impacting communications and asset valuation. Sponsored by Duff & Phelps, CostQuest, and AVA.
TFI Conf Logo 2019 216x216
Don’t miss this opportunity as we tackle:
• The pivotal wireless technology 5G and its tremendous implications for the communications industry. Led by wireless consultant extraordinaire, Iain Gillott of iGR and UT Professor Robert Heath, joined by top industry experts from AT&T Labs, PHAZR, Affirmed Networks, CostQuest, and Allnet Insights & Analytics.
• The risks and economics of Fiber Deep which is taking cable to the next level with CostQuest’s Jim Stegeman.
• Communications public policy with recent FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn.
• Asset valuation and property tax implications of technology change, led by Duff & Phelp’s Ruben Miranda, AVA’s Jeff Binkley, and Peggy Wardlaw joined by Valentiam’s Carl Hoemke and representatives from AT&T, Charter, Comcast, and T-Mobile.
• The latest forecasts and industry developments with TFI’s Larry Vanston and Ray Hodges, USC Professor Augie Grant, and OSU Professor Kim Houser.
See 14th Annual TFI Technology Conference for the complete schedule!

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