Foresight AI Article & Conference

If you’re interested in the future of Artificial Intelligence (who isn’t?) I have a new article on AI in the journal Foresight that you can download for free. See below for more info on Foresight.

Also, I will speak on the topic of forecasting AI at the Foresight Practitioner Conference at the 5-star Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, NC, Nov 13-14, 2019. The conference topic is AI—The Hype and the Promise for Forecasting and Planning. The lineup of experienced practitioners and renowned scholars is superb, so this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more and interact! Please use the discount code “flash100.”

Foresight is the premier journal for working forecasters and planners. It’s a quarterly publication of the International Institute of Forecasters of which I’ve been an active member for years. Click here to subscribe and join. It’s very reasonable and well worth it!

Happy Futures,


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