VR/AR Live Demo & Keynote + Special Bonus at January 2018 TFI Conference

In case you haven’t heard, Austin is a hotbed for Virtual and Augmented Reality. We are excited to announce that one of its leaders, Austin AR Lab, is collaborating with us on our TFI Communications Technology Conference, Austin, Jan 25-26, 2018. Yes it’s for “Real!” Live Demos and a Keynote. We are in for a treat, so be prepared for fun and enlightenment.

Mohamed Ali 475x475 cropped● Keynote: Mohammed Ali, Chief Architect, Austin VR Lab
“Augmented Reality: Status, Applications, and Prospects”

● Live VR Demos using Top-of-the-Line Vive Headsets

● Live AR Demos using Custom Smart Phone Headsets

● Special Bonus: Everyone takes Home an Austin VR Lab
Custom Smart Phone Headset!



VR and AR are sure to have immense impacts on the communications industry even if we don’t yet know the exact path. It’s our job to understand these technologies and where they are headed. Nice work, if you can get it!

We hope you will join us in Austin as industry leaders share the latest trends and developments impacting communications technology.

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