New Technology Presentations

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2017

Larry VanstonThe New Transformative Technologies Slides & Video
– Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D., Conference Director, President, TFI

Virtual and Augmented Reality (Games, Shows, and Apps) A Short Film by TFI Slides & Video

An Interview with Byron Reese, Publisher of Gigaom — Video
– Byron Reese, Author, Futurist, Entrepreneur, Technologist
CEO/Publisher, Gigaom; CEO, Knowingly
– Carrie Vanston, Leader, Corporate Cultures that Rock (Interviewer)

Computer Vision – Welcome Our Newest Consumer of Video and Bandwidth! Slides & Video
– Kristen Grauman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin

Iain.jpgThe Post Millennials and their Impact on Communications Slides & Video
– Anne Boysen, President & Founder, After the Millennials


Dub Dublin.jpgIoT Security or Lack Thereof ― Constraint or Showstopper? Slides & Video
– Dub Dublin, CEO, Dublinvention LLC


TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2016

TFI Asset Valuation Conference Speaker: David Smith, CEO, HBMG, Inc.The Communications/Data Transformation that will Change ALL
Our Ideas about HealthCare
                   – David SmithPresident, SocialCare [slides[video]


Sujata Neidig ins, NXP.jpgKEYNOTE: “Big Picture Enablers Fueling the IoT Explosion”
– Sujata NeidigAmericas Marketing Manager,
NXP Semiconductors (Freescale recently merged with NXP)  


Smart Cities and the IoT — Austin Looks Forward  [video]
– Stephen Elkins, CIO, City of Austin [slides
– Bert Haskell, CTO, Pecan Street, Inc. [slides]
– Ruben Miranda, Director, Duff & Phelps (Moderator)

Dub Dublin.jpg  Dub Dublin.jpg  TFI Conference Speaker: Ruben Miranda, Director, Duff & Phelps

Larry VanstonBig Fast Data, Cognitive Computing, the Cloud, IoT, and Software
                   Defined Networks [slides]  [video]
– Lawrence Vanston, President, TFI


Dub Dublin.jpgCars Communicating? Automotive Applications of 5G and
Millimeter Wave [slides]  [video]

– Robert Heath
, Professor of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin


Wireless Industry Panel  [video]
– Gary Wiggins
, Executive Director – Property Tax, AT&T [slides]
– Stephen Yergeau
, Director, Property Taxes, T-Mobile [slides}
– Mike Mupo
, Retired Director, Verizon [slides]
– Ray Hodges
, Senior Consultant, TFI (Sprint) [slides]

Gary Wiggins  Steve Yergeau   TFI Asset Valuation Conference Speaker: Mike Heaton, Dir., Duff & Phelps  

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2015

Dub Dublin.jpgKeynoteThe Internet of Things: Overview & Outlook [slides] [video]
      Dub DublinIoT Pioneer, Serial CTO and Entrepreneur