Wireless Presentations

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2017

Iain.jpgWIRELESS KEYNOTE: From Here to 5G   Slides  &  Video
– Iain Gillott, President & Founder, iGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)



Wireless Industry Panel — Video
– Gary Wiggins, Executive Director – Property Tax, AT&T Slides
– Jim Dombrowski, Manager Property Tax, Verizon Slides
– David Schneider, Manager, Ernst & Young Contractor for Sprint 
– Stephen Yergeau, Director, Property Taxes, T-Mobile Slides “Our 5G Future” video link

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2016

Precision Agriculture and Petroleum: Opportunities for Rural and Urban Communications Providers [slides]  [video]
 – Sam HarlanP.E., VP Engineering Consulting, CHR Solutions


Dub Dublin.jpgKEYNOTE: Millimeter Wave for 5G Cellular: Finding a New Spectrum Mother Load [slides]  [Video]
Cars Communicating? Automotive Applications of 5G and Millimeter Wave [slides]  [video]
– Robert Heath
, Professor of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Wireless Industry Panel  [video]
– Gary Wiggins
, Executive Director – Property Tax, AT&T [slides]
– Stephen Yergeau
, Director, Property Taxes, T-Mobile [slides}
– Mike Mupo
, Retired Director, Verizon [slides]
– Ray Hodges
, Senior Consultant, TFI (Sprint) [slides]

Gary Wiggins  Steve Yergeau  TFI Asset Valuation Conference Speaker: Mike Heaton, Dir., Duff & Phelps  

TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides]  [video]
 – Ray Hodges
, Senior Consultant, TFI

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2015

Iain.jpgKeynote: Small Cells and Het-Nets, The Wave of the Future [slides] [video]
      Iain GillottPresident and Founder, iGR


Urbanization and the Future of Communication Networks –Panel  [video]
      Charles Burkhardt and Ron WilliamsCostQuest Associates [C.B. slides] [R.W. slides]
      Iain GillottPresident and Founder, iGR
      Ruben MirandaDuff & Phelps [slides]

Wireless Industry – Panel [video]
      Gary Wiggins, AT&T [slides]
      David SchneiderSprint [slides]
      Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [slides]
      Michael Mupo, Verizon [slides]

TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides] [video]
      Ray HodgesTFI

Wireless Performance Trends [slides] [video]
      Ray Hodges and Lawrence Vanston, TFI

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2014

5G Cellular: How and Why It Will Differ from 4G” [slides] [video]Jefferey Andrews
Dr. Jeffrey Andrews, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.


Wireless Industry Panel [video]
      Gary Wiggins, AT&T [slides]
      Mike HeatonDuff & Phelps [slides]
      Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [no slides]
      Michael Mupo, Verizon [waiting for approval]

TFI Wireless Forecast Update [slides[video]
      Ray HodgesTFI

LTE, The Technology that Killed the Cat: Lessons from MetroPCS and Cricket [video]
     Joe Molina, Ryan (Chair) [no slides]
     Jason Butterworth & Jason Chao, Ernst & Young [slides]
     Allison Garton, Cricket Communications [no slides available]
     Stephen Yergeau, T-Mobile [no slides]

TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference 2013

2013 Featured Speaker
The Evolution of Broadband Mobile  [Slides]
Mark LowensteinManaging Director, MobileEcosystem

2013 Wireless Panel

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